Life Stories, Life Lessons

#12 Grace Marshall: We’re all growing and learning together

April 21, 2020 Ricky Weaver Season 2 Episode 12
Life Stories, Life Lessons
#12 Grace Marshall: We’re all growing and learning together
Show Notes

Grace is a bona-fide expert at all things productivity – she’s an award-winning author of two books, has been featured in The Guardian, Forbes, Glamour, The Times and Psychologies, to name a few, she is a qualified coach – working with businesses and individuals to help them become as productive as possible – and she does all of this whilst being a wife, and also a mum to two children.

Now here’s the thing about Grace.

If you’re expecting a stuffy, pretentious type, if you’re expecting to be lectured about how you need to be more productive, or if you’re expecting someone who never admits their faults or wrongs, then you may as well turn away now. In her own words, Grace is: “naturally disorganised, with intermittent lapses into hopelessness and brilliance”.

We speak about how someone with her portfolio got to where she is today and what we can all learn, whilst in lockdown, about managing work-life blur (which I’m definitely trying to manage myself right now!) We also chat about using this time as an opportunity to think creatively and being as productive as we can be – without putting ourselves under too much pressure and beating ourselves up.

It’s an honest and open conversation about not just embracing, but actively encouraging our flaws and imperfections to flourish and understating that we’re all learning together throughout this strange time.

I took comfort in Grace’s words and hope you will too, especially if you’re a parent or are struggling now with work/life balance. If someone like her can have off moments and off days, then all of the rest of us can too. We’re human and we’re all learning, and personally, I have no idea where the rabbit hole is taking me - nor do I want to!

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