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#10 Ryan Romano: TED speaker on vulnerability and developing your self-identity - End of season 1

March 10, 2020 Ricky Weaver Season 1 Episode 10
Life Stories, Life Lessons
#10 Ryan Romano: TED speaker on vulnerability and developing your self-identity - End of season 1
Show Notes

“Stop focusing on the outcome and enjoy the unfolding”

In the last episode of season one, I chat with Ryan Romano, owner of a fitness and wellbeing centre in Birmingham, Alabama.

Ryan’s business is incredibly unique in the sense that it’s not just about getting fit and healthy physically, but mentally as well. He uses physical exercise and movement to promote conversations about mental wellbeing and help people discover their true purpose and identity. Ryan also works with schools and businesses to ask those big questions and also tackle mental and physical health issues.

But it wasn’t always like this for Ryan. We chat about his backstory – how he went through much of his early 20s with no clear direction or idea of who he was. Battling depression and self-doubt, Ryan was eventually helped by a mentor who got him get back on-track and, even though it’s been tough and involved tonnes of dedication and hard work, Ryan hasn’t looked back since.

 Some key things that stood out for me in this conversation were:

  • Stop focusing on the outcome and enjoy the unfolding

Something I’ve struggled with since starting this podcast is making sure I enjoy the journey of creating it – I’m often so preoccupied in getting an episode done by a certain date and all to get all of the associated work that comes alongside it finished, that I forget to reflect on the conversation I’ve had or to enjoy the creative freedom. I’m getting better, but it’s definitely something I can work on.

  • What if it were easy

It’s such a simple way to look at the problems that we face, big and small, and it forces us to stop focusing on the negatives and more on the solutions and positives.

  • Mentoring

Mentoring has played a huge role in Ryan’s life As he mentions, it’s meant that he has someone to ask for help and it’s exposed him to different ways of thinking. Ryan spends time with people he’s inspired by and those who share his values – and this continuously spurs him to be the best version of himself that he can be.

You’re awesome, Ryan! Thanks for sharing your story and I look forward to seeing you go from strength-to-strength as your journey continues.

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